Utah Open Textbook Announcement Press

Press is starting to kick in on the Utah State Office of Education’s open textbook announcement. Most of the stories are running the AP’s abbreviated version of the press release, including the Huffington Post, Businessweek, and a bunch of local outlets including KSL (NBC), the Daily Herald, KTVX (ABC), the Cache Valley Daily, and Ogden Standard-Examiner. The Sacramento Bee has some additional out of market coverage. KCPW has a podcast interview with Diana Suddreth. Sounds like TIffany Hall will be on the Channel 4 News at 6:00 tonight.

And this was great – in the Bloomberg editorial they discuss the problems with Apple’s recent announcement about textbooks on the iPad and why the State of Utah’s approach is more promising.

2 thoughts on “Utah Open Textbook Announcement Press”

  1. This is a great step forward! Partnering with CK12.org will also empower
    K-12 instructors to customize these open textbooks, while still meeting
    appropriate curriculum standards. Let’s be clear: this is about
    leveraging high quality content that is both digital and openly
    licensed. This is a winning combination that unlocks the potential of
    teaching and learning in a wide variety of formats (including print).

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