Project Management for Instructional Designers

What did you do for finals week this year? Students in our IPT 682: Project Management class put the finishing touches on their new online textbook, Project Management for Instructional Designers. This is the first large scale, multi-person REVISE / REMIX project I’ve had the pleasure of working on. From the Introduction:

This book is an adaptation of Project Management from Simple to Complex written by Russell Darnall and John Preston and generously published under an open license by Flat World Knowledge. The book you are now reading is a work in progress. If you are interested in contributing to this version of the book, please contact David Wiley at Brigham Young University.

So how did the REVISE / REMIX work? Students in IPT 682 took the text of the Flat World Knowledge book as their starting point. Then they:

  • Tore out the examples in the book, which were previously about international business situations, and replaced them with instructional design examples,
  • Tore out the photos from the book, which were previously (c) and used by permission, and replaced them with openly licensed and properly attributed photos (mainly from Flickr),
  • Shot three video interviews with practicing instructional design project managers and cut these up into topical pieces which now appear inline at the beginning of each chapter, and
  • Created interactive, mastery-check assessments (and the platform to deliver them!) and embedded these directly at the end of each section of the book. Small icons in the table of contents turn green when you’ve passed the mastery checks.

Big kudos to the IPT 682 students! This is awesome work they can be very proud of. Please consider adopting this book for your class and / or submitting improvements and corrections.

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