Creative Commons is Hiring!

Work on OER for Creative Commons, full-time, and with benefits!

Creative Commons is seeking highly motivated and organized individuals to fill two positions: Senior Project Manager and Senior Project Analyst. Both positions are full-time with full benefits. Both positions will key members of the team supporting Department of Labor TAACCCT grantees.

Ideal candidates have contributed to open source, open education, open licensing, and/or other open content projects, are proficient in required technologies, and possess at lease two years of work experience. Joining CC means getting the chance to interact with motivated staff and a brilliant international network of affiliates and community members.

Please feel free to share these jobs descriptions as far and wide as possible. We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis until we find the right candidates. Please be sure to indicate the job title you are interested in applying for in the email subject line, and send to “[email protected]”

Application Deadline: Friday, 7 October.

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  1. Yeah, but they’re one of those organizations that doesn’t post the salary ranges, so you don’t know whether ‘senior project manager’ is entry level or really a senior level position.

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