A student asked me today to list the 10 people who have most influenced my thinking and work (no religious figures). I only spent about 10 minutes doing this, but here’s my quick list. Apologies to everyone who probably should be on this list who I’ve offended by leaving them off. However, this seemed interesting enough that I ought to share. And yes, I realize there are more than 10 people on this list.

Ted NelsonTed Nelson – OSMIC
Eric Raymond – open source
Larry Lessig – IP, law, and remix culture
Stephen Downes – Various
John Seely Brown / Candace Thille – Data-driven feedback loops
Andy Gibbons – Layers of design
James Wertsch – Mediational means
Jereon van Merrienboer – 4C/ID
Benjamin Bloom – 2 sigma effect
Brian Lamb – Blogs, wikis, and the RSS way
Vic Bunderson – Domain theory / QDM
Andy Van Schaack – Applying research in practice / technology
Gordon Pask – Conversation theory

If you throw these thinkers in a pot (together with the comp.theory.self-org-sys FAQ) and let them stew for a decade, you can ladle up a tasty bowl of my career.

6 thoughts on “Influences”

  1. So where is the transcopyright symbol on Ted Nelson’s picture? Or has he given up on that?

    Also, I didn’t know Vic was into Quality Deer Management. đŸ˜‰

  2. A good list, and a good exercise. We have Ted Nelson, John Seely-Brown, and James Wertsch in common.

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