2 thoughts on “OpenEd11 Call for Proposals Now Online”

  1. If I were academicearth
    I would charge $ 20 per course per semester for sustainability.

    Already Carnegi mellon and De Anza College are sharing their online courses with other colleges in the U.S.A.
    This is vision. Education cannot be solved by teachers but visinory people .

  2. The most beautiful treasure is MIT OCW Material.

    They have 33 of them with video recorded lectures.

    Let us convince MIT President to have all 2000 course material become video recorded lectures as well.
    It requires only $ 5,000 per course to be videoed.
    Everybody is willing to pay $ 20 per course.
    So only 250 students take a spesific course in 2 years that is financed .
    1,000 courses from academicearth + 2,000 from MIT + another 1,000 from videolearning = 4,000 online couırses are enough for the world 7 billion people of which only 300 million go to somesort of institution called college or university.

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