Large Collection of My Writings to Date

My blog contains over 600 posts, but my longer writing typically goes to more academic outlets like journals. Thanks to the help of the amazing folks at BYU’s Scholar’s Archive (our institutional repository), much of my peer-reviewed work now has a stable home online, too. I’ve gathered up links to these peer-reviewed articles as well as whitepapers and other long pieces on a new page called Articles. While, it’s not a “complete” collection of my writing (e.g., few of my book chapters are there yet), it should be enough to cure any amount of insomnia. Feel free to poke around when you have absolutely nothing else to do…

2 thoughts on “Large Collection of My Writings to Date”

  1. Hello David, can you please open comments on your old posts? Or extend them for 12-18 months? Your archive and discussions are interesting, and your write has more staying power than perhaps you realize!

    I have some comments on your discussions of khan academy videos and the licensing dialogue between you and stephen, but will wait to put them in the right place.

    Regards, SJ Klein

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