Tools for Doing Learning Analytics in Open Education?

I’m making a list of free / inexpensive tools for gathering data in open education contexts. These are tools that I can install on the wikis, blogs, and other sites I maintain where I curate and structure content for my students. Unfortunately, my list is rather short… What tools are you using to gather data from your online courses that I’m missing?

For example, is there something you use to track which outgoing links people are clicking on? A tool you use to associate repeat visits and activity with the same individual (anonymously)? What kind of data are you collecting from your OER? How are you using it to improve your students’ experience? To improve your teaching? Are they plugins for WordPress or Mediawiki or some other platform? Are they “one line embeds” like the tools listed above? What tools do we need the most that don’t exist yet?

For the next two or three years, I think the intersection between openness and data mining / analytics may be the single most interesting space in our field…

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