OLS Software Updated

The OSLO Engineering Team today released a new version of the OLS software. The update includes a number of new features based on user feedback and requests:

  • Link to MIT/OCW Materials: Forums now contain a convienent link to the MIT/OCW materials, making it easier for you to reference the materials while participating in the forums.
  • RSS Feeds: RSS feeds are now available for OLS News and Forums to help keep people up to date on the latest postings. See the FAQ for more details about this new option.
  • OLS User Highlight: Particular OLS user profiles can now be highlighted on the front page (Thanks Jamie)
  • Source Code in the Body of Posts: It is now possible to include programming / source code in the body of a post and preserve the layout by using an HTML <pre> tag.
  • Total Number of Posts: Total number of posts are now reported on the right of every page to give a better indication of how the community is growing.
  • Vote For Course List Update: The course list in the Vote for new courses section has been updated to include the latest releases by MIT’s OCW team.
  • MIT Course Numbers: Course numbers have been added to the title of forums, making it easier to identify particular courses.