The Door Keeps Revolving

Just heard from my friend Bobbi Kurshan, the Executive Director of Curriki, that she will be leaving that post on March 1st. I wish her well.

Curriki will be looking for a new ED shortly and will very much continue to stay active in the OER space (much like Hewlett has continued to do after Mike, Cathy, and Phoenix left).

So, unless I’m missing someone, the list of OER leaders who have moved on in the last few years now includes:

Mike, Cathy, and Phoenix, from the Hewlett Foundation
Ira and Chris, from the Mellon Foundation
Ahrash, from CC Learn
Bobbi, from Curriki
Anne, from MIT OCW

And I suppose I should add myself, from COSL. Perhaps it’s not a big deal to see folks moving on, but it seems somehow significant to me. Inasmuch as the field continues to live and thrive through these leadership changes, we demonstrate that open education is not a radical separatist group led by a few charismatic individuals. Instead we demonstrate that open education is stable, steady, on-going effort to increase access to appropriate, high-quality educational opportunity to everyone worldwide.

3 thoughts on “The Door Keeps Revolving”

  1. Dear David.

    Thanks for your thoughtful note above. Bobbi has been such an inspiration to the Curriki team and community. As of January 2010 Curriki is over 100,000 members strong with over 2 million visits in 2009. Those of us still a part of the Curriki development and outreach team are fired up to continue the important work of the OER movement with the greater Curriki and OER community.

    We recently conducted interviews with Curriki members around the globe from the UAE, to Morocco, to India, to New York, and more. It is so inspiring to see how OERs are making a difference:

    Thank you for making such a difference in all of the OER work you do!

    Anna Batchelder

    Curriki International Consultant

  2. Thanks for the very good assesement of how change is good for the OER movement. I will continue to support the mission of Curriki and work for the OER movement. So I will be around to ask the hard questions!

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