Syndicated Publishing

For some reason it seemed like a good idea to syndicate the publications section of my vita using RSS. It only updates every two weeks or so, but still I like the idea of being able to subscribe to a rather fluid book (continually accruing collection of writings) and receive notification when stuff is added. … Read more

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NSDL Funding Deadline

Only a few weeks left to get applications put together for the NSF’s National STEM [Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics] Digital Library or “NSDL Program”: This is a great program which funds a variety of learning objects-related programs, like our “Instructional Architect”:

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A SourceForge for Open Educational Content Development

So today I can finally be more specific. “The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation”: and the “Center for the Public Domain”: have given me the green light to hold an initial meeting to discuss the establishment of some infrastructure that will support the distributed, collaborative development of open educational content.

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