Submitting to Pitch

Pitch is approximately one week old, and we’ve yet to see entries make it into the review queue. I know many of you have existing articles that are worthy of peer review… Perhaps they were first published on your blog. Perhaps you wrote them out of midnight frustration or (even worse) as an assignment for … Read more

Pitch Is Open

So I was scooped by Stephen on my own project (!), but Pitch Journal is officially open for “business.” Stop by to read the first few articles and begin submitting your own material (reprints from your blog are ok) for peer-reviewed publication. Thanks to everyone for their support and interest. UPDATE: The URL (which I … Read more

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Pitch Update

D’Arcy reminded me that we haven’t had a Pitch update in a while, so here’s a breif bit. We’ve settled on a logo, attitude, and general look and feel for the journal (see “”: We spent this afternoon going over user stories and working out the better part of the requirements. We’re expecting to release … Read more

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