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Games, Learning, and Society

Kurt Squire told me earlier today about U Wisc’s new minor in Games, Learning, and Society. Looks absolutely fabulous. Congratulations, Kurt! From this page I found Constance Steinkuehler‘s course on Critical Education Practice on the Internet. Lots to read here…

Learning, Complexity, and Simplicity

Only in the Instructional Technology Department could two people who sit all day within ten feet of each other have an extended conversation about work via their blogs. Brett pushes back on my Gagne, Games, and Learning post with another of his own, lest we forget, learning is complex. It’s good stuff.

Gagne, Games, and Learning

Reading Brett over on Rhymes with Purple got me thinking about the Gagne Assumption. The assumption is two part. First, there are different kinds of learning (e.g., learning facts is a different thing from learning to classify). Second, different conditions are most suited to bring about these different types of learning. If one buys into this assumption, which I do wholeheartedly, then a prescient question regarding games becomes – what type (or types) of learning are best promoted by game-like instructional conditions?