Why cc.edu is a good thing

Unsurprisingly, before the license language has even been announced folks have begun arguing that the Creative Commons Education (cc.edu) license is a bad thing. Below I present an extended argument explaining why cc.edu is a great thing for the “open education” movement and similar efforts. The draft language should be appearing on the Creative Commons site: http://creativecommons.org/ later today.
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Creative Commons Education License Draft

Today we finalized the draft language for the Creative Commons Education license. Props to Kevin Rothman of Cooley Godward LLP for a great review of the legal literature and expressing some great ideas in legalese. The language should be available for comment Monday; please join the cc-education mailing list to participate in the draft review and make sure that the license will meet your needs.

Interview re: Open Content

I finally got the audio back from the interview I did two weeks ago with Utah Public Radio about the future of copyright and the OpenContent project / Open Publication License. The “mp3”:http://opencontent.org/blog/pres/oc_discuss.mp3 is available on my website and is just under 20M in size. The format is 30 minutes conversation / phone-in, if anyone cares.