Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-15

  • Sitting in an Open High School of Utah Board of Trustees meeting… #ohsu #
  • Heading to Saskatoon! Should probably brush up on my Saskatoonese, eh? #
  • Exhausted in Saskatoon. Working up new material for tomorrow's talk… Promises to be interesting! #
  • Set up and ready to begin speaking at U of S in Saskatoon! See you on the other side… #
  • Talk at U of S in Saskatoon was a success! Heading back to Utah… #
  • Happy 8th Birthday Noelle! Elaine's homemade Pokemon birthday cake depicted all seven evolutions of Eevee! Amazing #
  • I'm now @opencontent on both Twitter and Facebook – – get your Facebook username while you still can… #
  • "Pray to know whonyou can help and it will rain people." #
  • "Pray to know who you can help and it will rain people." #
  • "Pray to know who you can help and it will rain people." Julie Beck #
  • Julie Beck: 'Pray to know who you can help, and it will rain people.' Amen! #
  • "Live on the edge. Not the edge of evil, but the sharp edge of the righteousness of God." Pres. Atkinson #
  • "Obedience brings blessings. Exact obedience brings miracles." Elder Cook (at Grove Creek Stake Conference this morning) #

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