Showing #OpenGratitude for: BCcampus OpenEd

This is another post in my series of posts showing gratitude and appreciation for members of the open education community.

Today I’m going to focus onBCcampus OpenEd. It’s difficult to fully wrap one’s mind around all the things they do. Their cornerstone project is amazing BC Open Textbooks Collection. They do unique and valuable work in the Trades and OER. They publish an Open Education Accessibility Toolkit as well as other student and faculty advocacy toolkits. They publish numerous Guides, including guides to OER adaption, using Pressbooks, self-publishing, print-on-demand, and OER authoring. They run mailing lists, award mini-grants, and coordinate a Faculty Fellows Program. They regularly recognize the great work happening in their community with the Excellence in Open Education Award. They provide support for Zed Cred initiatives. They organize the annual Festival of Learning.

For all these reasons and more, I’m grateful for BCcampus OpenEd and all the wonderful things they do for the open education community. Share some love for BCCampus in the comments below.