Showing #OpenGratitude for: SPARC

This is the first in my series of posts showing gratitude and appreciation for members of the open education community.

Today I’m going to focus on SPARC. From their website:

SPARC is a global coalition committed to making Open the default for research and education. SPARC empowers people to solve big problems and make new discoveries through the adoption of policies and practices that advance Open Access, Open Data, and Open Education.

SPARC and its amazing team work tirelessly on these issues. They’re terrific community organizers. They help run OpenCon each year. They helped get the $5M open textbook grant program in the US spending bill that was just signed into law. They’re champions for librarians and the important role they play in open education. They author a wide range of reports and conduct numerous trainings. They’re super committed to open. For all this and more, I’m grateful for SPARC and all the wonderful things they do for the open education community. Share some love for SPARC in the comments below.