Open Ed 2007 Video Highlights

For the next two weeks I’ll be pointing to video highlights from last year’s Open Education 2007 conference in order to whet your appetite for this year’s meeting. First up on the hit parade is Brian Lamb’s incredible keynote from last year’s conference.

BTW, you can also see the Rick Noblenski “blasting caps are dangerous” video mentioned by Brian in the keynote, which was developed by some of my students at USU. (If you haven’t seen Nixon vs Kennedy debate on blogs vs wikis or open water, also produced by students from the same class, I’d highly recommend them as well.)

If you can’t wait to see the rest of the videos, make the jump to the full collection of Open Ed 2007 videos, where you can also download the videos to your iPod or PSP. Otherwise, just sit back, relax, and I’ll highlight additional videos from last year’s conference here as we get closer to Open Ed 2008…