OER Handbook for Educators Initial Draft – A Plea for Help!

As many of you know, COSL is undertaking a project to lead the development of an “OER Handbook for Educators” on Wikieducator.org. We went through a really informative process while drafting the outline, and were grateful for all the contributions we received then (and even for the conference call!).

Now there is a modest amount of content in the Handbook – basically a very first draft. And while the development has been completely open and well documented on the Wikieducator.org site all along, we’d really love to get even more of you engaged with the project now, and have you come contribute. We’re especially looking for user stories – are you an educator who has used OER? See Seth’s post to get a sense of what we’re looking for.

Hope to see you over at Wikieducator! And thanks again to Wayne and his fabulous crew over at Wikieducator for hosting the project for COSL!