I Quit =)

Well, for a long time I have run my own blogging software – ever since Brian Lamb taught me about blogging!. But over the holiday I gave up, and am now hosting my blog with the fine folks at wordpress.com. Running the software, backing it up, migrating to new versions, applying security patches, etc., was fun for a while. But you know what? I just want my blog to work. I have other things to do in life.

Whether or not you’ve noticed, the URL of my blog is no longer https://opencontent.org/ – it is now https://opencontent.org/. The 301 Redirect should be working for all of you, but probably best to just go ahead and update the URL in your feedreader or bookmarks.

BTW, I would love to do the same with my Mediawiki install… Anybody know a good hosting service to which I can migrate my current Mediawiki?

5 thoughts on “I Quit =)”

  1. I’ve been using Siteground for a MediaWiki installation on an NSF-funded project. I haven’t been with them for long, but so far – so good.

  2. I made a similar switch this holiday. Since 2003, I’ve been running my blog on my own software. While it was nice to know every line of code behind my blog, I got a bit bored bugshooting my feeds and keeping up with every PHP exploit.

    New Year’s was my self-imposed deadline to get everything off the old BYU servers, and the deadline for renewing my domain. So I switched to WordPress, ported my themes, and wrote a script to transfer the past posts to the new system.

    Shortly after I completed the migration, campus facilities management cut the power to my office (while installing a new AC unit in the building), which took down my server. I’m 2,000 miles away right now, so my blog will be down until I get back on the 9th.

    So, maybe moving to a fully-hosted blog would be a smart move for me too.

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