Attend the OpenEd 2007 Conference Remotely

Last week’s Open Education 2007 was one of the best conferences ever, no questions asked! During the conference, we used an amazing piece of technology called 51Weeks to capture everything going on… Slides, audio, back-channel web-based chats per session, etc. In fact, audio from every single session was online 10 minutes after the session ended. If you didn’t get to attend but would like to listen to the audio, read the slides, and read the web-based chats associated with each session, bop on over to And if you’re interested in using 51Weeks to support your conference, let me know! (AECT, anyone?)

2 thoughts on “Attend the OpenEd 2007 Conference Remotely”

  1. Excellent–I wish I could have attended, and this is the next best thing. That open ed conference from 3 years ago was a fine event.

    Yes AECT is interested–I’ll call you, thanks. all’s well.

  2. Hi David – congrats on what sounds like a great conference.

    I heard of 51weeks from a comment posted by Scott Leslie. I’m involved with several conferences…and we’re exploring extending conference interactivity. I’d like to explore 51weeks…let me know what’s needed to get started.

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