They grow up so fast: LiveScribe

When a former PhD student goes on to do absolutely amazing things, your initial instinct can be to try to take some of the credit for their success… đŸ™‚ However, not even I have a big enough ego to think I deserve any nods for Andy Van Schaack‘s amazing new company, LiveScribe. Absolutely insane things are coming from these folks… Be sure to check out the sneak peeks at what their technology can do.

Congratulations, Andy!

1 thought on “They grow up so fast: LiveScribe”

  1. Thanks for your kind words.

    If any of your readers are interested in the science behind this pen–in particular, with respect to how it will allow us to support/enhance teaching and learning*–have them drop me a line at my Vanderbilt e-mail address: [email protected]

    *Reduction in cognitive load in notetaking; binaural recording; audio/tactile grapics for the blind visually impaired; multimodal interaction; and of course, my dissertation topic: paired-associated instruction.

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