Welcome to COSL, Brian Lamb!

The Center for Open and Sustainable Learning has been diligently searching for a Research Fellow to work with us on empirical studies of when, where, and why some of the technologies we associate with web2.0 (like tagging, rating, annotating, and recommendor systems) work or don’t work. I’m am as happy as a clam to announce that thanks to the generous cooperation of UBC’s Michelle Lamberson, Director of Learning Technology, Brian Lamb has joined COSL as a Research Fellow. More details and amazing results to follow… Congrats, Brian! – or condolences, we’ll see which turn out to be most appropriate 🙂

2 thoughts on “Welcome to COSL, Brian Lamb!”

  1. Well old news or not -it is new to me and great news. Brian and David have been inspirations for my attempts at forging ahead as an open learning proponent headbutting against the dreadnaught of formalized edicational institutions. And I love the fact that it is canada and the US working together on some common approaches.

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