Ozmozr Alpha Launch

Well…. the day is finally here. I’m happy to finally announce the official alpha launch of COSL’s http://ozmozr.com/. It’s a microformat-aware aggregator / resource sharing / social site that I would love your feedback on. Of course, it’s alpha software, so expect the usual early lumps.

Oz EventsOne of the cool and, so far as I know, unique, things the site does is make use of microformatted information it finds in feeds or bookmarked pages in the following way: any event information found in feeds or on pages is pulled out, aggregated into a dynamically generated ICAL feed, and this can then be harvested into compliant applications. So right now, I have a calendar in my Google Calendar which is built dynamically out of the microformatted event data parsed from the hundreds of RSS feeds I subscribe to. Each individual event can also be added to Google Calendar individually, etc.

Anyway, let us hear what you think… Including *yawn* if that’s how you feel about it…

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