A Learning Objects Literature Review

What would you say if given the opportunity to review the learning objects literature in approximately 5,000 words? I’ve had to answer that question for the upcoming Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology. A few months back, I asked everyone to share their favorite learning objects pieces and got quite a response. Today I’m happy to present the community with two fruits of my efforts.

First, the preliminary draft of the paper. Before you complain, yes, it’s a Word document, but OpenOffice will open it. đŸ™‚ If you have any comments on the draft I would love to hear them in the next few days (don’t have much time left before i have to submit the final copy). Feel free to use Change Tracking and send me your edits, or just leave higher level remarks in the Comments below. (I’m well aware that I’m missing citations and things; I’ll be cleaning those up in the mean time.)

Second, I’m happy to introduce everyone to the resource collection I’ve been working from. It’s a CiteULike collection of approximately 250 articles, chapters, whitepapers, and blog entries about learning objects. From the site you can export the entire collection as BibTeX or to EndNote. The tagging is slightly erratic, but I believe you’ll still find the collection useful. If you would like to volunteer some time to clean things up, just email me and I’ll send you the login/password.

Anyway, I hope to hear your thoughts on the chapter draft (and I promise to acknowledge you in the final version!).

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