Introduction to Openness in Education, the 2013 Edition

Before I learned I would be able to take a sabbatical this year, I was scheduled to teach the 2013 edition of my Introduction to Openness in Education course at BYU during the winter term. Since I received the Shuttleworth Fellowship and am taking a sabbatical (more on this soon) I won’t be teaching the course at BYU this term – but because many people were interested in taking it informally again this year (I’ve been teaching it as a “MOOC” since 2007, before the term was coined), I will be offering a free, non-credit version in the new Canvas Network as a community service.

Check it out: Introduction to Openness in Education, the 2013 Edition

As always, I’m extremely interested in your feedback and thoughts on how the course can be improved and will happily improve the course content / design in real-time as improvements come in. Please send me any thoughts about the course at [email protected].

The course is currently “full” in the Canvas Network. International interest looks strong (Go Iceland! Go Seychelles!):

Canvas Network Enrollments

However, since most of the course action really occurs on your blog, twitter, youtube, and delicious accounts (this is important: read why), you can still participate fully in the course even though you can’t register in Canvas. Just add your name and blog post to the same Google Form course participants are using, and you’ll get aggregated in the course RSS feed just like everyone else.

Here’s to a great 2013!

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