Remix as Milk to Chocolate

Found this great OER metaphor and image today via Dana West.

Milk Role OERs


Primary producer/Creator 



Primary consumer

Enrolled student


Secondary producer/repurposer

Learning technologist/Course leader

Milk bottlers

Primary supplier

Learning technologist


Secondary supplier

deposit in institutional repository or open deposit

Human family

Secondary consumer

Teacher within or outside institution

Human family and pets

Sharers and re-users

Enroled students of that teacher

Person with milk, Person with cocoa powder, Person with sugar – can make chocolate

Exchange and repurposers

other teachers within or outside institution

Chocolate in shop fridge


deposit in different open repositories

Chocolate eaten

re-users/maybe sharing; )

potentially global learners

Chocolate added to cake mixture

further re-purposing

potentially global teachers

Image CC BY-NC-SA Steve took it