Promotion and Tenure

A rare weekend post to announce that I’ve been awarded tenure and promoted to Associate Professor in the Department of Instructional Technology at Utah State University. Thanks to everyone for their help, encouragement, and support. And this is more than a passing thank you. I mean sincerely:

  • Thanks to the Mike, Cathy, and Phoenix at the Hewlett Foundation for funding my work
  • Thanks to Elizabeth at the National Science Foundation for funding my work
  • Thanks to Brent, Brandon, John, Corrine, Shelley, Justin, Jeremy, Trenton, David, Vel, Jon, Tom, Marion and his team, Matt, Gulfidan, Marie, Bekir, Preston, Erin, Deonne, Mark, Shveta, Suhyun, Andy, David, Sandie, Caixia, Sok-Leng, and Stephanie for helping me get the work done
  • Thanks to Byron, Mimi, Linda, Nick, Bob, Jim, Carol, and Noelle for helping me get through the P&T process
  • Thanks to Mike, Marcy, Janette, and Mike for writing my external review letters
  • Thanks to Brian, Trey, and others for pushing my thinking on blogs, rss, and wikis
  • Thanks to Eric, Stephen, and others for pushing my thinking on openness
  • Thanks to Brett, Brenda, Jay, and others for making it barable
  • Thanks to Sally for keen political insight when needed most
  • Thanks to Laurie and Vic for setting me on a path, and to David and Andy for helping me further down it
  • Mostly, thanks to Elaine, Enoch, Megumi, Noelle, and Johnny, and my Mom and Dad for supporting me in doing all the things that led up to promotion and tenure (we finally made it!)

I hate to make a list, because I know I’ve left a ton of people out. But I didn’t want that to stop me from thanking the people who did come to mind immediately. No one ever does anything by alone. I’ve had a ton of help, and I’m truly grateful.

Here’s to more fun and hard work to come!

15 thoughts on “Promotion and Tenure”

  1. Felicitaciones! I dare say I can’t think of a single faculty member who deserves it more! I look forward to taking more classes from you, oh mighty tenured one!

  2. Huzzah!

    Of course, I find it hard to imagine any other outcome, given your amazing work. You’ve given so much to so many people — you’re an inspiration.

  3. Hey David — congratulations! There was no doubt in my mind that you would get tenure. Now that you have that “iron rice bowl” (though you earned yours), what next?

  4. Woooo freakin’ whoooooo!!!

    Congrats, David. It’s been a pleasure to be on the ride a bit with you. May the sailing go even smoother and sweeter (if I can mix the metaphors) in the future.

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