Open Access Seminars @ BYU

In my capacity as Associate Director of CITES I’m leading two seminars on open access next week at BYU. They’ll be held Thursday 10/6 from 11-12 (as part of the MSE-wide faculty meeting) and Friday 10/21 from 12-1 (with lunch provided) in the TEC lab in the McKay Building. If you’re nearby we’d love to see you there.

Session Title:
“Anxious to make their service and scholarship available”: Increasing the Impact of MSE Scholarship

The BYU Mission Statement ( reads in part:

BYU’s faculty, staff, students, and administrators should be anxious to make their service and scholarship available to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in furthering its work worldwide…. We believe the earnest pursuit of this institutional mission can have a strong effect on the course of higher education and will greatly enlarge Brigham Young University’s influence in a world we wish to improve.

When we publish our research in scholarly outlets we almost always sign away the intellectual property rights in our articles to publishers. This prevents our scholarship from being available to either the Church or the world we greatly wish to improve.

However, there are simple steps you can take to insure that your scholarship is available to the Church and the world. This session will introduce the SPARC Author’s Addendum and the ScholarsArchive Institutional Repository managed by the Harold B. Lee Library for faculty who wish to increase the availability of the scholarship while continuing to publish in traditional venues. The session will also introduce the Directory of Open Access Journals for faculty who wish to go further in protecting their rights as authors.