More OER Awesomeness in Utah

There is some really excellent OER work going on in Utah. The two year total for our open science textbooks project is almost 4000 students. The Open High School of Utah has all the content online (and in Moodle format) for their complete 9th and 10th grade curriculum. And now a two district collaboration (Jordan-Granite Consortium) has CC licensed the collection of resources they are providing to teachers as they transition to the Common Core State Standards in mathematics:

Grades 6-8 Mathematics CCSS Resources –
Secondary Math CCSS Resources –

These collections include both student-facing resources and a significant amount of teacher-facing material. So far, teachers in the partner districts are:

  • Downloading and studying the benchmark tests to better focus on where they want students to end up.
  • Planning (yearly, monthly, weekly, daily) using all the overview documents (I Can Statements, Year at a Glance, and others)
  • Accessing the conceptual foundation documents for deeper math content understanding and preparing for instruction. (Initial feedback is that these documents are far more effective than textbook teacher editions.)
  • Accessing the instructional resources for lessons and student work pages.