Counting My Blessings

With our fourth child about to be born (literally any day now), yesterday I received word from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation that our most recent grant proposal has been formally approved. This will provide us with 18 months time more in which to evangelize open education, support universities as they start OpenCourseWare initiatives with our eduCommons software, training, and evangelsim support, make publishing open educational resources easier by integrating and improving our OLS and eduCommons tools, and migrate USU OCW from our research center into the university’s Faculty Assistance Center for Teaching.

Mike, Cathy, and Pheonix from the Foundation are really people of vision, and it is constantly amazing to me that there are Foundations with the means, and people with the vision, that are willing to support work of this type. I’m extremely grateful for their support, and I hope my team and I can live up to the trust this funding represents.

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