Some Music

David, circa 1991 A few weeks ago I came across a tape in a cardboard box. The tape contained a few quick piano sketches I wrote during 1990-1991 and recorded while living in Japan. One tape-to-mp3 conversion later, and these six poorly recorded pieces are now in the Internet Archive with track titles and everything – like a real album, but without the talent.

There’s nothing terribly special about these pieces musically – they are, in fact, quite formulaic. And as my friend Steve once said to me, I apparently don’t know how to end a song. But they offer a fun little peak into my musical thinking before my undergraduate training, and make for good trivia. You’ll likely not care, but since I went to the trouble of digitizing and archiving them, I thought I might as well share.

If for some incomprehensible reason you’d like to download them, here’s a zip file of the Sketches mp3s complete with metadata and cover art – ready for your iTunes. It’s all licensed CC BY, naturally.