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This page gives you some good resources and ideas on how to setup a Wiki

Watch the video entitled Rick Noblenski, Blasting Caps Expert and Wiki Advocate.


Sources for Rick Noblenski, Blasting Caps Expert and Wiki Advocate

Setting up an External Wiki

Setting up a wiki on a wiki website is very simple and involves the following:

  • Pick one of the various available online wikis and go to the wiki website. Some suggested wikis are PbWiki, Wikispaces and SeedWiki.
  • Sign up to create a free wiki
  • Choose a name for your new wiki
  • Create a username and password for yourself
  • Create an extra username and password to allow students to edit your wiki OR Share your wiki password with your students

If you are interested in setting up an external wiki use the following resources:

Setting up an Internal Wiki

Most districts have a tech support team to help you setup a district wiki. Internal wikis will be installed on a district webserver and usually only can be accessed from district computers. Contact your school or district tech support team to have them set a wiki up for you. There are thousands of free wiki software packages out there that can be downloaded and installed including:

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