Edupunk Un-iversity

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What courses might we offer?

  • Intro to Open Education
  • Connectivism & Connective Knowledge
  • Intro to Mashups (Basic technologies, RSS, aggregation techniques)
  • Advanced Mashups (More advanced techniques like writing to APIs)
  • Intro to Edupunk (Scavenging free services online that let you become somewhat self-sufficient)
  • Advanced Edupunk (Sys admining your way to your own LAMP server, learning your way around the LAMP setup, and learning to install programs so that you can become completely self-sufficient)
  • Edupunk management - sounds like an oxymoron, but looks at ways of collaborating and organising through use of tools such as Twitter, meetups, etc and how to subvert existing organisations through the use of informal networks.

Of course, the Intro and Advanced Mashups and Edupunk should be taken together (both intros then both advanceds)