The OER Remix Game

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Rules: This version of the Remix game, inspired by Set, begins with 12 cards dealt face up. Examine these cards, trying to identify a license-compatible aggregation of four cards including one each of the four media types (text, image, audio, and video). As you locate cards you want to use in your remix, click on the cards and move them to the corresponding slot below. When you have four cards you believe make a license-compatible remix, click the "Check Answers" button. You will then be prompted to indicate all the possible ways in which your remix could be licensed. Every time you succeed in remixing, a new value will be revealed in the points box at the bottom right. If you get a remix wrong, the points box will reset itself. You must successfully create five mixes IN A ROW to reveal the entire code needed to get full points for the game.

This game is being designed and developed by the great folks at BYU Independent Study and David Wiley as part of an upcoming course targeted at helping public school teachers learn how to find, create, localize, and reuse open educational resources.

Did you know there's also a version of the game you can print and play with friends at the kitchen table?