USU OCW Update

Well, the new theme has been checked in (as have a host of backend authoring improvements to eduCommons itself), the collection has been moved onto the cluster, and Squid is caching happily away. USU OCW is now in the state it will be in for our formal launch. Come by and have a look if … Read more

Johns Hopkins School of Public Health OCW

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Johns Hopkins School of Public Health OpenCourseWare. This in addition to OpenCourseWare-esque projects at Utah State University, MIT, Rice, Carnegie Mellon, and Foothill De-Anza.

First USU OCW Courses Available

We haven’t officially launched the site yet, but the first eight courses in USU OpenCourseWare are now available. The official announcement will come after we clean a few non-course related things up (like the design of the front page). But I thought folks would like to know as soon as these courses became available…

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