DE rides his bike

So I’ve been trying and trying to teach my oldest boy (David Enoch) to ride his bike without training wheels for a while… So yesterday or the day before Elaine walks outside and 15 minutes later he’s riding his bike up and down the street! Good for him, good for her. Elaine also finished John Adams today. From what she shared of it with me, it’s really as good as everyone has been saying.

Voting in America

This past Monday my wife and I set down with the “Voter Information Booklet” sent out by government folks to educate Utahns on the issue in front of them in the current elections. We thoroughly read, discussed, debated, and arrived at our conclusions. Tuseday I walked into my voting place and spent a grand total of about 2 minutes voting, due to the fact that I had memorized all the answers before coming to class. What a wonderful thing our system of government is! And how awesome it felt to discuss, debate, and cast my vote. God bless America.

And what do you suppose will happen now that Republicans have full control? Let’s pray that its something good…