Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-22

  • @AndyGibbons I think the kids and I are going to see Up tomorrow… in reply to AndyGibbons #
  • RT @jonmott:New blog post: "PLNs, Portfolios, and a Loosely-Coupled Gradebook" #
  • Testimony to Education Interim Committee today very successful! Rule changes permitting K12 teachers to CC license their works coming soon? #
  • Surprised to find that I'm enjoying Talmage's "Jesus the Christ" much better on the Kindle than on paper. Integrated dictionary, perhaps? #
  • "Giddy as a schoolgirl" over my 3rd row tickets for upcoming Take 6 concert. I've only waited – what – 20 years for this? #
  • RT @courosa What are illegal downloads worth? #
  • Information on Take 6 at the Scera on Mon Sep 7 is at I paid $18 each for 3rd row seats!!! #
  • Show support for democracy in Iran add green overlay to your Twitter avatar with 1-click – #
  • Why? #