Making Adaptaion Easier – ocw2wiki

So we’ve been talking about this for months now. “Wouldn’t it be cool if there was just a button you could push that would pipe the contents of an OCW page directly into a wiki, so you could start remixing away?”

Everyone else here is busy writing real code (eduCommons 2.0 release coming in April!), so I was left to hack together a prototype of the “send to wiki” tool. It didn’t take terribly long; the project is basically a few python cgis and Instiki, the Rails-based wiki. You can see a flash demo of the tool at:

Things are still kind of fragile, so I’m not opening it up to the general public for play just yet. If you’d like to get in and tool around, just send me an email. If folks think something like this would be useful, we’ll build a production version of the function and integrate it into eduCommons…

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