Congrats to Stephen

Stephen recently announced that he’s taking a hiatus from his blog and newsletter. Rather than feeling sorry for him, we should be glad for him.

What courage it must take to do such a thing! Stephen is very much in the public eye with the very excellent work he does. The love of fame alone would be enough to keep most people from dropping out for a while. More impressively, Stephen knows as well as anyone the pace at which this all moves, and the costs associated with trying to get back in the game after an absence.

So Stephen’s taking a huge risk here. Why? So he can actually take the time necessary to “think about what I am going to do and how I am going to do it.” If I may say so: God bless you, Stephen, as you think and ponder and work things out. We’ll leave the light on for you – but don’t hurry back for our sakes. We’ll see you whenever the timing is right.