We’re currently voting on what should go into the draft license which will be launched as the public beta. We’d love your feedback – please leave comments with clear yeas or neas to the proposed license options below by 10:00 MST Friday.

1. require attribution

2. disallow commercial uses

3. allow only uses primarily and purposively intended to facilitate learning

4. require that modified works – if distributed – be distributed under the same license

5. require that modified works – if distributed – be distributed with a mechanism for determining what changes have been made to the original

6. allow use by anyone whose use meets the above guidelines regardless of affiliation

7. provide an option which allows the licensor to restrict use to individuals affiliated with an educational institution only

8. expand 7. above to include individuals affiliated with non-profit organizations with primarily educational missions in addition to individuals affiliated with educational institutions

You can add comments to your votes, but *please* include a clear nea or yea for each of the 8 items. Speak now or forever hold your peace. =)