What is “educational use”?

If you were given some curriculum materials and told that the were licensed free for “educational use,” which of the following would you interpret that to mean:

a) that you would need to provide some reference or “give credit” to the materials’ creator, and/or
b) that any changes you made to the materials needed to be shared freely with others, and/or
c) that the materials were not to be used commercially, and/or
d) that the materials should only be used in the context of a formal educational institution (e.g., not to be used for self-study by individuals not enrolled as students in a formal school), and/or
e) that the materials are only to be used for educational or research purposes.

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section. Answers in the form of “a, c, and d” or “everything but a” would be most helpful, including any comments you would like to make about your feelings or rationale. This data will be used in the ongoing conversation about the Creative Commons Educational Use License. Thanks, and crossposting/linking of this little survey would be greatly appreciated.