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If you have a collection of open educational materials that you would like to have included in the OCW Finder, please email information for each course or set of material to david[dot]wiley[at]usu[dot]edu in the following format:

<post href="http://address.to.your.course/" description="Name of Your Course" tag="schoolname and keywords from department offering the course" time="" />


The OCW Finder is based on the succulent del.icio.us direc.tor, © 2005 Johnvey Hwang and released under the GPL. The OCW Finder was remixed by David Wiley © 2005 and is also released under the GPL. Version 0.9 of the OCW Finder was unleashed on the world on July 13, 2005. The OCW data file was last updated December 12, 2005. David works at the Center for Open and Sustainable Learning.